Wrinkle treatment

Facial rejuvenation by selective wrinkle relaxation, using botulinum toxin, has been used by Bristol Aesthetics for many years and is one of the most popular non-operative facial treatments in the UK.  This highly purified medical grade products are widely used in other medical specialities in a variety of treatments. At Bristol Aesthetics we use tiny amounts to precisely target the muscles causing frown lines and the crow’s feet wrinkles at the corners of the eyes. By selectively weakening these muscles, the appearance of the wrinkles is reduced. We strongly advise that botulinum toxin treatments should only be performed by appropriately trained and qualified medical practitioners.


At your consultation, it is essential that you tell us of all the medications you are currently taking before treatment. You cannot have this treatment if you are taking certain antibiotics and we need to know if you are on anticoagulants or have any bleeding tendency. You may not have this treatment if you are pregnant or breast feeding.


It is obviously helpful both at the assessment and for the injections that you do not wear any makeup that will mask the wrinkles or make skin cleansing difficult.


With a detailed knowledge of the facial anatomy, we will inject, through a very fine needle, a carefully measured dose of the botulinum toxin into the precise muscles responsible for the wrinkles. No local anaesthetic is required.


The procedure will be done as an outpatient and you may resume use of make up shortly afterwards. There may be some soreness and bruising but you should not rub or massage the area for the remainder of the day.


The benefits of treatment only appear after 2 – 3 days with the maximum effect showing after 1 to 2 weeks after treatment. The results last for around 3 months and the treatments can be repeated indefinitely.


The effectiveness of the product can vary from batch to batch and it is important not to expect results identical to those experienced by friends having a similar treatment. While the appearance of wrinkles and frown lines will disappear, they are not permanently abolished. Here at Bristol Aesthetics we use our knowledge and experience to avoid the complications of over treatment and unsatisfactory outcomes.


Rare complications include severe headache and eyelid drooping. Fortunately, these side effects wear off after about 2 weeks with the benefits of the treatment persisting. Occasionally patients may experience flu’ like symptoms. Some may experience an allergic response. You should contact BPS if you experience any such effects.


There has been medical use of botulinum toxin for over thirty years with no lasting side effects or problems. It should be noted that the products contains a small amount of human albumin. The viral safety of this is documented by the manufacturer through several steps of its preparation and particular care is given by the manufacturer to controls of the donors, to the manufacturing process and to virus removal and the inactivation processes. The product has not been known to transmit hepatitis or the HIV virus. It is not possible to check for CJD at the current time.

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